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July 12, 2023

Design Your Website Using WordPress

Using WordPress to design your website

When the times comes to design your website, don’t rush into it. A website is one of your most valuable and important digital assets.

You need to take the time to envisage and plan what you want your website to look like. You also need to plan what you want to do.

  • What features do you want on the website? 
  • Do you want to contact forms on there?
  • Do you want pop-ups with offers to appear? 

These are all questions you’ll want to know the answer to before you start to create your website.

confused man in blue crew neck shirt covering his face

However, once you have the answers to those questions. The time has come to design.

There are many different options of platforms that help those who aren’t tech-savvy to design their websites with the smallest amount of coding and programming needed. And this abundance of choice can sometimes become confusing.

However, we suggest that you go for WordPress. It initially started out as a blogging platform and has quickly turned into one of the most popular platforms for site design. 

 810 million websites use WordPress, which is 43% of all the websites on the internet. source colorlib

Why choose WordPress to design your website?

With around one in three websites currently on the internet being designed through the platform. You’re probably wondering why should you choose it to design your website?

Well, the first reason we’ve touched upon already is how incredibly user friendly it is. Traditionally to design a professional website you would need to be well versed in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP & Java.

However, WordPress has meant that is no longer the case.

website design and planning

WordPress has a wide range of themes 

Before you start to design your website on WordPress you will need to choose a theme. On the marketplace, there are thousands of different themes to choose from. Some free and some premium.

This abundance of choice near enough guarantees you’ll be able to find a theme that is perfect for your business. Most of these themes also feature a ‘drag and drop’ builder.

This means as opposed to having to code you can simply drag and drop objects such as images and texts around the page as you’d like until it starts to near your initial vision of how the website should look.

happy woman in gray crew neck shirt lying on green grass

Thousands of plugins to choose from for your wordpress website

In addition to being able to choose from thousands of different themes. WordPress also has a feature called ‘plugins’. There is a plugin for almost everything you could ever want on your website and they can all be installed with a plugin.

Want to set up a store on your website? There’s a WooCommerce plugin for that.

Want to see how your pages are doing SEO-wise? There’s a Yoast plugin for that.

Want to set up Google Analytics? There’s a plugin for that.

 At publication, there are over 55,000 plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory, with many new options added daily. source wordpress.org

All of these plugins save what usually took hours of coding and integrate seamlessly and instantly with your website.

Overall WordPress is the complete package when it comes to choosing a platform to design your website on and these are just a few of the reasons why.

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